Vision, Mission and Purpose

This means that we will:

CREATE opportunities for more people to participate in dance either through making or attending
DEVELOP professional practice through training, education and knowledge share
CONNECT practitioners, teachers and dance organisations
ADVOCATE for dance in the city
ENRICH the dance programme in the city with new ideas and collaborations

How will we know we are successful?
  • Coventry is recognised as an important hub for dance activity by dance artists and peers
  • Dance is recognised for its strategic importance in improving the lives of people in the City
  • Quality and Diversity of dance participation has increased and improved
  • Engagement in dance activities by the people of Coventry and the region has increased
  • More people in Coventry will have the opportunity to see diverse programmes of dance performance

  • Measure increase in engagement with a broad range of dance activity by people in Coventry
  • Measure impact of people engaging with training programmes, professional development and knowledge share
  • Dance is embedded in key city strategies e.g. Cultural Strategy/ National Culture Health and Wellbeing Alliance (Coventry & Warwickshire)
  • Measure increase in engagement by people who choose to see broad ranging programmes of dance performance